Flawless on Carnival

Hey guys,

I know I said I would probably take a break from vids for a bit but I recorded this one and it really had to be uploaded!

I have never gone flawless before and I have never got an 11 Streak Chopper Gunner (Although I have had a few 14 streaks it’s never been with Cho-Go turned on)

I have recently been getting a little bored of the game so I decided to setup a hinderance class, I thought the UMP was a nice close weapon so why not strap a Thermal scope onto it. Think is it actually worked out quite well as you can see from this Free-For-All on Carnival.

Sadly one of the other players was very good so he won the game before I got a chance with the Cho-Go, It proves I can do it though so I’m on the way to a nuke.

Please do Thumb up the video if you like it and Subscribe to my channel.

Thanks guys



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