Hacked Lobby

Hacked Lobby

I had a day off on tuesday and I decided I should probably play some Modern Warfare 2.

I started off playing arround with Assault Class 01 in Free-For-All and as mentioned I swapped the G18s for the SPAZ-12 and did some damage with that! (Particularly to boosters)

After meeting a few other KEN followers I managed to wangle an invite into a ‘hacked lobby’

This was great fun. I’m not sure how it was done (and I was pretty sure you only got hacked/glitched lobbies on XBox) but it was great!

You really need commando pro on for this though! – I used my Rush class

Basically we were just running around super-fast in a private match! We went on Afgan and round the back there is a spot when you can run up the steps and do a massive jump. We played on this for ages and ended up trying to do 360 quickscopes etc.

We also loaded up storm and I found a really nice set of steps in one corner where you could launch across 1/2 the map. Sadly I have no footage of this though (I really need a HDPVR!)

I managed to get some video of Afgan on my phone. You can view it below.

Please leave me a comment if you have ever been in a lobby like this or anything else fun!


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