Favourite map

Whats Your favourite Map

Now I have updated the blog with all the routes and maps I was wondering what original map is people favourite?

I personally like SubBase – By my I think my real favourite is Storm from the stimulus package. I managed to win a free-for-all on it the other day with just my tactical knife (Well I probably shot about 3 people as I got bored of chasing them around.) I’m quite proud of myself as I managed to get a 7 kill-streak with the knife at one point 😀

Incidentally I will be adding my routes on these maps as soon as I find some suitable base-images online.



2 Responses to Favourite map

  1. keithy09 says:

    Your classes are vry good but da USP akimbo works as tac knife.

    Honestly, try melee wth it

    It works on X-BOX LIVE.

    by da way keithy09 my live gmertag add m3 if ya want 🙂

    • cdoney77 says:

      Thanks.. I really like my rush class. And I love the USP’s (I have been using the MP5K more recently too)

      I’m not sure I know what you mean by USP akimbo with tac knife, I assume I would have to have BlingPro on for that? and have both attachments? or do you mean akimbo makes your melee faster?

      I’m actually on PS3 mate so I can’t add you. Maybe if I ever get an XBox I will though.


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