On this map I tend to hover around the buildings on the left although I do venture out and round the rest of the yellow route every now and again.

There are a few nice care-package spots on this map although I don’t tend to use them much on this map.

I have had this map on free-for-all a few times recently and come across a few boosters they tend to hide in the bottom right corner behind the dumpster – Go grenade them!

On another note this is a good level to do the following challenges;

Challenge: “Base Jump” – Fall 15 feet or more and survive.

Challenge: “Goodbye” – Fall 30 feet or more to your death. (climb right to the top floor of warehouse 14 and jump to the floor)

Disclaimer: I created these routes to help me learn the maps and get killed less. The base images are used with the full knowledge and permission of http://www.mw2blog.com. If you would like to use these maps elsewhere please message me first.


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