Well this map can be good for me, but it can also be terrible.

This is a typical map showing how ‘broken’ mw2 is! I have been spawn trapped on this map so many times (along with doing some ‘spawn checking’ myself) 😀

As you can see I tend to stay away from the central area where possible (I tend to get sniped out there) and try to stick to the buildings and the connecting tunnels.

I sometimes deviate to the orange path if I am feeling cheeky.

There are a few decent spots for care-packages on this map, although I do tend to get shot when trying to claim them.

Disclaimer: I created these routes to help me learn the maps and get killed less. The base images are used with the full knowledge and permission of http://www.mw2blog.com. If you would like to use these maps elsewhere please message me first.


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